GBWhatsApp Anti-Ban V8.26 [Latest Version]

Download GBWhatsApp Anti-Ban V8.26

Download GBWhatsApp Anti-Ban V7.99 [Latest Version]

GBWhatsApp is one of the best and trending application which is having good and amazing features. GB WhatsApp is becoming popular day by day because of the different package names and features of theming your WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp is a similar version of WhatsApp has too many amazing features and a lot of privacy options and themes, And GBWhatsApp have different package name so you can use two applications of WhatsApp in same android device, And we always give you new updates for GBWhatsApp, So enjoy to use the amazing features of GBWhatsApp without any fear to stops updates, Or any damage to your phone because GBWhatsApp is 100% safe for android.

GBWhatsApp Features
  • Freeze Last Seen: GBWhatsApp allows the users to hide their last seen and it will be showing their old time stamp which is pretty amazing and most of the users are trying to search for the features.
  • More Privacy Options: it allows the users to enjoy hiding their blue ticks, typing status and you can be complete anonymous without even showing your identity.
  • Themes: GBWhatsapp give right the users to theme their WhatsApp application. If you are having good skills of designing then you can theme your WhatsApp. If you want every users to use your theme then you can send the developer your theme and it will allow the users to use your theme. Theming your WhatsApp is easy and there are small text available which will show how to theme your phone.
  • Verification: There are too many mods available of WhatsApp which helps the users to customize the WhatsApp but sometime there is an issue and that is you cannot verify your phone number. GBWhatsApp allows you to verify your phone number just like official WhatsApp.
  • App Icons: GBWhatsApp has different kind of icons which will help the users to differentiate between WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. Sometimes there are chances you can open some other chats accidentally.
  • Change Shades: If you phone is having navigation bar then you can customize your WhatsApp navigation bar and also your phone status bar which is one of the most needed feature and you can utilize your whole phone screen.
  • Status: If you are having a lot of thoughts and update your WhatsApp status then this is for you. You might have seen that you can only update 139 character status on WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp provide extra feature to update 255 characters of WhatsApp status and that will be from server side you don’t need to worry about text.
  • Handy: If you want to see if the person is online then you don’t need to open the chat everytime and look if they are online. You can simply check the main screen and you will find the person you want to chat is online or not.
  • Send More Media: Send above 90+ media on your GBWhatsApp. If you have WhatsApp then you might have seen the limit of selecting and send 10 media at a time.
  • Broadcast: Fan of broadcasting? If you are having WhatsApp for business purpose then you might be knowing that you can add only 200 people to your broadcast list. it allows users to add upto 600 peoples on your broadcast list.
  • Send More Files: WhatsApp has a limit which allows the users to send only 16 MB video files. GBWhatsApp allows the users to send more than 16 MB Data. This is something everyone needs and with the help of GBWhatsApp you can send more video files. Also check out Send Files On WhatsApp Above 1 GB Using WhatsTools.
  • Ban: In 2014 you might have seen WhatsApp started banning peoples who were using WhatsApp Plus. GBWhatsApp is the safe application which won’t ban your WhatsApp account.
  • Change Styles: Which is your favorite application after WhatsApp? GBWhatsApp allows you to change the user interface of your WhatsApp and allows you to change it to anything you need. If you are interested in changing your WhatsApp style to Facebook Messenger then you can change the style of your WhatsApp.
  • Disable Voice and Video Calls: Did you ever face issue in which your friend is calling you again and again. You might get annoyed and what will be your next step? You will block them right? Well GBWhatsApp allows the users to disable all the voice and video calls in just some clicks. No more annoying WhatsApp calls.
  • iOS Style: Do you love WhatsApp interface in iOS. You can create your own iOS type theme for GBWhatsApp which is easy and there are resources available in WhatsApp which will help you to do the changes.
  • Handy Media: You can preview media without downloading in your device and it saves a lot of time and you don’t need to worry about anything.
  • Counter Statistics: Counter Statistic is the feature which helps the users to enjoy features of how many messages has been sent to your friends or how many messages you have received on your WhatsApp.
  • Always Online: Show your WhatsApp status always online. Your friends will be shocked. There is a catch and I have written a detailed guide on how to be always online on WhatsApp.
  • Updated: Always updates available of the GBWhatsApp and you can enjoy regular updates on GBWhatsApp.
  • Hide Annoying Dates: Whenever you copy any text you might have seen that the time stamp and date is copied. You can hide date, time and contact name while copying the text.
  • Hide Notifications: If you want to hide some specific contact notification then you can hide the notifications of the messages.
  • Copy What You Need: Whenever you need to copy a certain text from your WhatsApp then you need to copy the whole message and then edit. You can copy specific text in the message with the help of GBWhatsApp. You don’t need to copy the full text and edit it.
  • Download Status: You might have seen your friends putting some images, or videos. When you need these images then you need to ask them to send you back those images which is kind of annoying. You can download the status on your phone and enjoy.
  • Always Know Things: Whenever you receive any message on WhatsApp then you can’t distinguish between real message and broadcast message. You can know these things now with the help of GBWhatsApp.
  • Send any Document: You can send any kind of doc files using GBWhatsApp. You can send Files, Apk and Zip files with the help of GBWhatsapp.
  • Copying is Easy: You can click on the status and the message will be copied to your clipboard. No need to write every status again and again if you want to send your friend.
  • Save Clicks: You can check your friends last seen from the main screen. You don’t need to open your friends chat everytime to check their online status.
  • No root required: You might have seen that there are too many features in GBWhatsApp. You can enjoy these features and you don’t need to worry about anything or rooted phone.

Download GBWhatsApp Anti-Ban V7.99 [Latest Version]

How to Un-blocked Bannded GBWhatsApp Account In Just 6 Steps
  1. Download Latest GBWhatsApp from below link.
  2. Install it and re-open your old Bannded Account by Verifying Your number.
  3. And start using it. if You will agin see the Temporarry Blocked Notifacation
  4. Then Completely Delete your Account from WhatsApp Setting.
  5. And Again re-open the Account.
  6. You will never get banded again.
New Features of GBWhatsApp v8.26
  • God Anti-Ban Script Added.
  • Fixed Hidden Chat Count Showing on Main Screen.
  • Fixed Payments Color in Attach Menu Other Fixes.


Is My Phone Will Be Safe if I Use GBWhatsApp?
  • Yes, Don’t worry
Does GBWhatsApp Has a Different Package Name?
  • Yes, GBWhatsApp has a different package name and you can install it with WhatsApp Plus and  OGWhatsApp.
Is GBWhatsApp for iPhone Available?
  • Unfortunately It’s not for available iPhone devices.
Can I Use 2 GBWhatsApp Application on Same Android Device?
  • Yes, You Can use 2 GBWhatsApp Application (Account) On Same Android Device with OGWhatsApp
Can I Use 3 GBWhatsApp Application (Account) on Same Android Device?
  • Yes, You Can use 3 GBWhatsApp Application (Account) On Same Android Device with OGWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.
What Is the Difference Between GBWhatsApp – WhatsApp Plus – OGWhatsApp?
  • There is no difference between these applications, Except that each application has a different package name gives you the possibility to install it with the other application.
Does GBWhatsApp Support Sending and Adding Stickers?
  • Yes, GBWhatsApp adding and sending stickers, But you can not use the stickers applications from Play Store. If you want to use Play Store stickers, You must install WhatsApp Plus.
Do I Need to Uninstall WhatsApp to Use GBWhatsApp?
  • No, Don’t worry
Can I Freeze My Last-seen on GBWhatsApp?
  • Yes, You Can freeze your last seen on GBWhatsApp
Can I Set Password for GBWhatsApp?
  • Yes, You Can set password for chats and GBWhatsApp

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