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How to hack android | Using ADB

How to hack android | Using ADB

  • ADB Installation:

By the way, you don’t need to install it on your system for what we are doing here. but it is necessary that the victim must have it.


Download the files from here- ADB DOWNLOAD


Extract it all on Desktop.


Press Shift key and right-click within the extracted folder

now, it should show you the open cmd here or Powershell option. Click on it and you have done it.


You have found a port running on local area network IP.  you notice that you have seen the port before but you have no idea right. so you google the port and you get to know that the 5555 port is used by ADB(android debug bridging). so our missing is to hack that android phone.


  • step.1

we will use Netcat to hack the device.

type this command to check if you have netcat:


  • step.2

use netdiscover tool to see the ADB user.

this command will show you all hosts from the local area network.

  • step.3

when you have the victim IP and you also have the port, you can use it to connect to the ADB.

so type this command :

nc <victim-IP> <5555>

  • step.4

when you are connected to the port, you can use ADB commands

use this command to list devices:

adb devices

  • step.5

now if you are able to see some android devices, you can hack into them

use this command to open a shell

adb shell
now you have the shell, you can do anything in limited privileges.

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