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All Information About WORDLIST [1.1 million wordlist for free]

All Information About WORDLIST  [1.1 million wordlist for free]

Hey guys, I have an amazing collection of wordlist for you which contains more than 1 million wordlists. If you want to download the wordlists then just simply click on the download button and your download will start automatically. But before I continue do you guys know what is wordlist and how hackers use wordlists to crack passwords. If you don't know any of this then don't worry I will teach you all this. So first of all-

What is Wordlist?

  • A wordlist is nothing just simply a collection of words (passwords/ usernames). It is used by hackers for a dictionary attack.

Some tools to create wordlists?

There are a lot of tools and methods to create wordlists. Following are some popular Wordlist generator tools-

Crunch Wordlist generator- is a Kali Linux's inbuilt tool. It can be used in Aircrack-ng, John The Ripper, Cain, and Abel and many other passwords cracking tools used today. Crunch can generate all possible combinations and permutations of a character set you specify. 

Mentalist- Mentalist is a graphical tool to generate wordlists. It creates wordlist by a patter through which human guess passwords. With Mentalist, you can create hundreds of thousands of passwords based on the target details.

CUPP- CUPP (Common User Password Profiler) is a very nice tool for password generation. It's a very well known wordlist generator because of its powerful algorithm. It guesses passwords by taking details about the target for example- the target's wife name, date of birth, children's name, etc. After taking the details it will generate millions of likely passwords.

CeWl- CeWl is an another popular tool for wordlist generation. CeWl is a ruby based app that scrapped any targeted website by its URL and it spiders up to a very specific depth in search for some common, unique and likely words across the organization of the targeted website.


What you can hack with Wordlist?

With Wordlist, you can hack anything that requires passwords, for example, Wi-Fi, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest accounts, etc.

So, guys, that's all for today. We hope that you have to learn a lot of things about wordlist. Thank you for being here.

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