Full information and settings about M4+6X Spray || For Gyro and non gyro both || pubg mobile - AndroGeek88


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Full information and settings about M4+6X Spray || For Gyro and non gyro both || pubg mobile

Full information about M4+6X Spray for GYRO and non GYRO users

Full information about M4+6X Spray for Non GYRO Users

To kill the enemy quickly in distant with assault rifle we need to have a good shooting pattern, In this article, I will be guiding on how to control recoil when we spray.

But today we gonna focus on one Assault Rifle that is commonly use - 

Fully equipped M416




To control spray recoil there are 3 different things we need to know-

  • Grips that you use
  • The way how your finger pull down your camera.
  • ADS (aim down sight) sensitivity while shooting & the scope you are using.

Angled grip, Half grip, and Vertical grip are commonly used for recoil control.

The grips spray pattern is shown in the below image--

M416 grips spray pattern

It's actually based on personal spray pattern but I wouldn't recommend vertical grip because its only stabilize vertical up and down spray pattern, but not horizontal left and right spray pattern, we don't need vertical recoil control as we can slightly pull down our finger a little bit faster as we spray OR can use GYRO.

Note that it is all just my personal preference and my research, some of my friends are doing so well on vertical grip recoil control but for me half and angled is much easier and more effective. Half grip and angled grip work the best for me and angled grip is my all-time favorite because it seems more stable while spraying compared to half grip. I only use half grip when I couldn't find angled grip Try out on your own see which fits you the best.

I have seen a lot of player pulling down finger too fast and hardly like below

pulling down finger too fast and hardly

There is a better way to pull down your camera smoothly.

pull down your camera smoothly

GYRO users just do upside down

GYRO users just do upside down

Everyone taps their phone differently, maybe not everybody can participate in the way I can
pull down smoothly. My tips to do it is to place your finger on your screen gently and not
pressing too hard, or you could use something to lubricant your screen such as lotion, baby
powder or maybe face oil. There is a better way to pull down your camera down smoothly.

Sensitivity settings It is also a very important part for you to control your spray recoil. I set
slightly higher in my ADS sensitivity from my camera sensitivity. Scope best for spray recoil
control is 4X scope and 6X scope. I would prefer 6X scope over 4X scope because it is
easier to see with a red dot in the middle for 6X scope do not spray at full zoom it is super
hard to control. unless you've mastered it. It will be much easier if you adjust between 3 to

Note that default ADS and Camera sensitivity of 6 times scope is only 12, try to set and match with your 4x scope or 3x scope Below I have put my Camera and ADS sensitivity.

camera sensitivity

ADS sensitivity

Go to the training ground to train your spray recoil control every day when you are free.

You can see the result over a week.

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